The kids are grown, now what?: Excerpt: A Chance of Fate by Emleigh Walsh

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Excerpt: A Chance of Fate by Emleigh Walsh

“Can’t you feel the pull between us?” he asked; his voice had gone husky again as he stared into
her eyes. Steph was having difficulty breathing, and not from the walk back from the creek. It had
everything to do with the sexy as sin werewolf standing so close to her; his masculine musk making her
heady with desire again. She fought through the fog in her brain to focus on the issue at hand.

Stubbornly she lifted her chin. “I always have a choice. And this thing you feel between us is
just…sexual tension. You want me and I want you. It’s purely physical.” She didn’t know if she was
trying to convince him or herself as she said the words.

Chance leaned in further putting his other hand on the other side of her head backing her up against
the car, effectively trapping her in his arms. He put his cheek on her head and breathed deep. “Do you
really think that’s all it is, Steph?” His question was soft but his voice was deep, and she felt a small
shudder go down her spine as his breath tickled her ear. “Are you just sexually attracted to me? Or do
you feel more? Do you feel lost when we’re apart, like I do? When we’re together, do you feel like a
piece of the puzzle that is Stephanie has been found? Do you feel the electricity between us every time
we touch? Do you feel like you’ve come home after a long trip when we are in each other’s arms?”

Slowly she lifted her head and opened her eyes, the rise and fall of her chest increasing. As she stared at
his lips, he continued, “Yes, Angel, we have a lot of sexual promise between us. And believe me; we will
explore all those possibilities.” Her eyes darkened with her desire at his words. “But there is so much
more to the two of us. You ARE my true mate. I feel it. I know you do too.”


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