The kids are grown, now what?: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Thursday, May 17, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge

I am so excited! My daughter has signed up for the 30 Day Fitness Challenge offered by Body Systems Fit Club. Ryan has been wanting to lose some weight and has problems staying motivated. I think we all have problems staying motivated and that is why Terri from Body Systems Fit Club has come up with the 30 Day Fitness Challenge. Look at what you get for the price of a cup of coffee:

The challenge is 30 days...each day we email participants their challenges for the day.People can do them or not or even take longer then 30 days to do them.They are meant to be small steps toward a healthier lifestyle.5 areas each day: Active, Cardio, Strength,Flexibility, Nutrition and Mind. For example one "active" challenge is to walk an additional flight of stairs that you normally wouldn't do. Another day the "nutrition" challenge is to get at least 5 servings of vegetables that day.Main thing is to become aware of small changes...the whole thing is that we can't just change everything overnight.  It won't "stick".
To provide a little extra incentive we will be giving away weeklyprizes so be sure and check out our Get Fit For 2012 Giveaways!You can win awesome gear, apparel, and more from Body By Vi, Body Systems Skincare, SHAPE Magazine, Beachbody, KIND Snacks, Sweaty Bands and More!I just hope we can get some participants to make this a group effort and make it fun for everyone.  
 Why do I have to Pay to Enter? This is more then a giveaway of AWESOME's 30 days of Fitness/Health Coaching from our staff of great fitness & nutrition professionals.  Before the challenge starts our staff will email you questions about your goals and help you one-on-one with fitness, workout, and nutrition questions.  

Interested? Sign up here!


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