The kids are grown, now what?: May 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Make it a Fabulous Father's Day Giveaway


Moms Living Thrifty and Good Steward Savers have teamed up with a great group of bloggers to help

Make It a Fabulous Father's Day for Seven Lucky Winners!


Make It a Fabulous Father's Day Giveaway

Yes, It's that Time Again! Father's Day is Just Around the Corner!

I remember the days when my father was my hero and I was his little girl. It's important for children to have a strong male figure in their lives. My children were lucky enough to have to wonderful men in their lives who acted as surrogate dads. Be sure to take a moment to honor the special dads in yours! You never know, you might just make their day by winning one of these fabulous prize packages!

We have seven great prizes up for grabs that just scream dad! Ready to find out what they are?


The Bass-Man Prize Pack

One 7 ft. Handmade Spinning Rod from Local Hooker Rods - Moms, don't fret. This is a handmade fishing rod that's just perfect for bass fishing. This lightweight, 7 ft. rod is made in Florida by the company, Local Hooker. (ARV: $199.00)
One Abu Garcia Reel from FishFreakOnline: Chosen by the folks at to fit the Local Hooker rod perfectly and, let me tell you, they did a great job! The rod and reel fit together like glue! (ARV: $69.95)

The Smooth Daddy Prize Pack

One Dial a Smile: Professional at Home Teeth Whitening Kit from - Used by the stars, this will help dad to keep those pearly whites just that! (ARV: $399.00) One Super Booster Teeth Whitening Pen from - When Dad is on the go and needs a little something more to make him stand out in the crowd. (ARV: $79.00)
One Shave Well Fog-Free Shower Mirror from the Shave Well Company - Shaving in the shower keeps dad's face nice and smooth! (ARV: $9.99)

The Handy Dad Prize Pack

One Case of Cleaner and One Case of Waterproofer from Thompson's Water Seal - Your handy dad can finally turn that deck from drab to fab! (ARV: $120.00)

The Ten-FOUR!!! Prize Pack

Two will win!
"How Short Hitting, Bad Golfers Break 90 All the Time" by Fred Fields - Give dad the secrets to a better score on the course! (ARV: $9.99)
Golf Well CD, by Janet Montgomery, Music by Jeff Gold - Help dad unlock his inner champion and shave strokes off his game! (ARV: $20.00)

The Super Stepdad Prize Pack

Two will win!
25 Ways to go from Stepfather to StepDad by Joe D’Eramo - Give your stepfather the tools he needs to connect! (ARV: $8.95)

Ready to Enter?

Just wait for the Rafflecopter to load below, then complete the entries. Once you've completed the mandatory entry, you will unlock the optional and daily entries.
This giveaway is open to U.S. entrants only.

Kickin' Back With Dad

Father's Day Giveaway Event
Kickin' Back With Dad 32In SONY BRAVIA Flat Screen HDTV Fathers Day Giveaway Event
Welcome to our annual Fathers Day Giveaway Event! This year, 1 VERY LUCKY Dad will WIN A New SONY BRAVIA FLAT SCREEN!
Think your dear old dad is the greatest dad ever? Want to give him a new TV? Think YOU'RE the greatest dad ever? Keep it for yourself!

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is coming to theaters on August 15th! I have a film clip for you to enjoy!

Sign My Petition

As you know there has been a LOT of talk in the blogosphere about Facebook's new charges. Please come sign my petition to stop Facebook. My hope is that by bringing attention to this, let Facebook know that we are outraged, that maybe this will change. Join me and sign this petition!

Win a Sony Bravia

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Molasses Bacon Hot Wings

Through the Crowdtap program I got to try a number of McCormick Grill Mates products. Out of all of them my favorite was definitely the Molasses Bacon. I rubbed the wings down with this product and then baked the wings for 40 minutes. Then I melted down a stick of butter, added a tablespoon of honey and 1/4 C of my favorite hot sauce. Coat the wings with the sauce and bake for another 20 minutes. Delicious!

America's Tooth Fairy and ToothFairy 2 DVD Giveaway

Tooth Decay is the #1 Chronic Childhood disease. Millions of American children are in pain and suffering from tooth decay which is robbing them of sleep, leaving them unable to sleep and unable to concentrate in school. The really sad part is that tooth decay is 100% treatable, curable and preventable with basic education and proper oral hygiene. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Brave Recipes

Brave hits theaters June 22nd. Are you looking for a great way to get your kids excited about the movie? Check out these recipes from the movie!

Better Than Bouillon Review & Giveaway

One day many years ago ( maybe 15 or so) I was vegging in front of the TV watching one of the home shopping channels and they featured this new product called Better Than Bouillon. I was intrigued because I use canned chicken broth a lot and I was looking for a better way but I don't like the way bouillon tastes. I ordered it and my box came with chicken, beef, and vegetable flavors as well as a cookbook. I gave it a try and I have been using it ever since. I was thrilled when I started Better Than Bouillon in my local grocery store.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Kickin' Back With Dad Email Follow

Muffinmeal Review & Giveaway

I have found the coolest new baking tool! It's called Muffinmeal and it creates a well in your muffins and cupcakes that you can use to fill them with incredible goodness! You can even use the insert to bake mini muffins and cupcakes to go along with the regular size.

Thank You For Your Service

I found this picture on Facebook. I don't know who created it. This says it all.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Join The Biannual Blogathon Bash!

Biannual Blogathon Bash

I am participating in the Blogathon Bash in June! What does this mean? It means I will be catching up on all the roundtoits that I have been putting off. What's a roundtoit? It's all those things I have been meaning to do when I get a round to it! Catching up on reviews, blog posts and updating buttons on my sidebar.

Are you a blogger and want to participate? Sign up here!

Follow Me!

With all of the changes Facebook has made you may not see my posts in your news feed anymore. There are a few things you can do to change that. First go to my Facebook Page and hover over the "Like" button until you see "Show in Newsfeed". Make sure that is checked.

Mini Pops Review!

If you have been reading my blog for awhile then you know that I love my snacks! AND, while I like sweets, I am totally a savory snack girl who is addicted to popcorn. I learned about Mini Pops from my friend Lisa over at Planet Weidknecht. I was intrigued!

Two Giveaways Ending Tonight!

Tired of losing socks in the dryer? Enter to win some Throx. 3 socks in every set of Throx! Enter here.

Looking for a healthy snack that tastes great? Enjoy Life not nuts! Seed and Fruit Mix is for you! Enter here for a chance to win!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kickin' Back With Dad Twitter Follow

Facebook Follow Kickin' Back With Dad


Poop, shit, feces, stool, caca, doodoo, dookie or whatever else you call it, my life revolves around poop! While I was in the hospital they (the GI docs) told me that they want me to keep a "stool diary". They want to know how often I am going. What my stools look like. What it feels like when I have to go. How much blood I am seeing... The list goes on and one. 

On my worst days I am in the bathroom 30 times a day. It's hard to stay hydrated on those days. On a good day I am only in their up to 7 times a day! Am I tired of my life revolving around poop? You bet! I haven't had to chance diapers in over 20 years. I really don't like the way my body has betrayed me. 

You know what else I don't like? I don't like the way my GI doc treats me. Back in September when I wasn't responding to the treatments that she ( my GI doc) tried, she told me that she didn't know what else to do with me and that she was going to send me to the Mayo Clinic. But she did not follow through on that and then I lost my insurance. Mayo will not see a patient without insurance unless you can pay in full at the time of service. So I end up in the hospital a few weeks ago and the standard treatment for a sever UC flare is no food and steroids. I was on this treatment for 5 days before they FINALLY scoped me. Guess what they found? A horrible bloody internal hemorrhoid and no other inflammation. Oh big surprise because I was on a large dose of IV steroids for 5 days. So now they are questioning whether I have UC or not. Maybe it's just all in my mind! HA! I have an appointment with them next week. Am I going? Probably not. I am tired of being treated like a crazy person. I want help and I want treatment but it also imperative that I keep what's left of my dignity intact. Being treated like a human being is more important to me than treating my disease.

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Toy and Game Coupons!

There are some great new toy and game coupons that I want to share with you! Have a great Memorial Weekend!

Facebook Changes and Charges

The rumors are true! Facebook is now charging people who have a fan page. If a page owner wants their status update to be seen by their readers it will now cost money for EACH update. I am a blogger (obviously!) I make very little money blogging. What I do make is used to buy food and pay my car insurance. I certainly cannot afford to pay Facebook each and every time I post a status update. So I have teamed up with a few bloggers to bring you a new Facebook Group. The Group is called Blog Updates and Giveaways. In this group we will have daily threads for giveaways, blog updates and general conversation. Join Blog Updates and Giveaways today so that you won't miss out!

AMC Theaters and Disney Pixar Team Up For Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day Weekend! If you are looking for some fun family time then I have just the thing for you! AMC Theaters and Disney Pixar have teamed up for a Summer Movie Weekend. See 4 Disney Classics, Wall-E, Up, Toy Story 3 and Ratatouille for only $6 per movie all weekend long! 

Tickets are available now at

Like Disney/Pixar on Facebook.

Wacky Weekend Giveaway Linky 5/25/12

Link up your giveaways. Please have them in the following format:
Great Prize US 4/2 Leave me a comment after you link up!

Enter some giveaways!

Have fun!

Rudi's Gluten Free Spread the Bread Campaign and Giveaway

May is Celiac Awareness Month and Rudi's Gluten Free  is helping to "Spread the Bread" (donate money) to several of their favorite National Celiac Disease Organizations. The goal is to raise up to $30,000.00 for the leading celiac disease awareness and education organizations which include: Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF), Celiac Sprue Association (CSA),  Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), and The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). All you have to do is select one of these great organization for Rudi's to donate to and then get a $1.00 off coupon for Rudi's gluten free products. It's a win win!

But wait! To make it even better, Rudi's invites you to enter below for the chance to win this great prize package! Good Luck!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

$50 Friday

TODAY ONLY - enter to WIN $50!!! Woo hoo!

UPS My Choice

I LOVE UPS My Choice. It has been such a useful tool for me. As a product reviewer I get a LOT of packages and UPS My Choice let's me know when a delivery is coming. I can even change the location of my delivery if I am not able to be home that day. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Just in time for Memorial Day, New Coupons!

I have some great new coupons for you. Some of these would be great for an upcoming BBQ!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Calling Out Facebook {Manipulated by Promoted Posts} | Lovespun Studio

Calling Out Facebook {Manipulated by Promoted Posts} | Lovespun Studio:

'via Blog this'

New Shoe Carnival Coupon!

Summer is here! It's definitely time to get new sandals and I have a coupon for $10 off of a $50 purchase at  Shoe Carnival!

The Pure Pantry Review & Giveaway

Cooking everything from scratch is a lot of work. Since going gluten free, most of what I cook or bake is from scratch. There are a lot of mixes available for the gluten free cook but not all of them suited my taste. While searching for gluten free products on the internet I came across The Pure Pantry. The Pure Pantry offers a variety of healthy and delicious gluten free baking mixes made with only 100% natural and certified organic whole grain ingredients. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

19 Classic Bagpipe Hits, Freedom Broch!

I have a fun new video for you from Brave! Brave will be coming to theaters June 22nd. Check out 19 Classic Bagpipe hits!

Free Sample of Prilosec!

Prilosec OTC® provides all-day, all-night protection against frequent heartburn. That's zero heartburn for 24 hours with just one pill a day.*
With Prilosec OTC®, you won't get frequent heartburn in the first place. One pill a day. 24 hours. Zero heartburn.*
With just one Prilosec OTC® pill a day, you can block frequent heartburn before it begins for a full 24 hours with zero heartburn. So you can get through the day - and rest at night - without the worry of heartburn flare-ups on your mind.*

Have you joined Swagbucks?

I love Swagbucks! I earn between $10 to $20 in Amazon Gift Cards per month. But that's not all you can get. PayPal cash, Tons of gift cards... I purchased a new set of Calphalon cookware thanks to Swagbucks! Sign up today!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Madame Deals Blogger Op!

Madame Deals is giving away a Coach Purse and Wallet. How do you get involved? Post the event on your blog for other bloggers to join. Grab the event button (above) and post it on your blog. Fill out the form by clicking here. Make sure to put The Kids are Grown, Now What? in the who referred you box!

The event will take place June 14th - June 30th. It is being hosted by:

Madame Deals
Swap Slop
Dixieland Product Reviews & Giveaways
Colleen's Book Nook
Still Blonde After All These Years
Saving More Than Me
Diva Fabulosa

You must have a family friendly blog and you must link to your Facebook page. Join us!

People Like Us in Theaters June 29th

I can't wait for People like us to hit theaters on June 29th. This is a story that was inspired by real events. Chris Pine stars as Sam, a twenty something, fast talking salesman whose latest deal collapses on the day that he learns that his father has died. Against his wishes, Sam is called home where he must put his father's estate in order and reconnect with his estranged family. Check out this clip.

Let's Get Ready for $50 Friday!

Everyone loves cash, right? How would you like a chance to win $50 EVERY FRIDAY? Well, I am very excited that I have joined with an amazing group of bloggers to offer you a WEEKLY cash giveaway! Cool, yes? Well, there is only one catch, the giveaway begins THIS FRIDAY and is ONLY opened from 12:01 am and will close at 12:01am on Saturday, so it is only OPENED ONE DAY!

Paleo People Snacks Review & Giveaway

I am a big fan of granola. I like to eat it as a snack and I love to have it for breakfast mixed into some greek yogurt and honey. YUM! Being gluten free means that there are not a lot of tasty options for granola. Many people that have to be gluten free follow a paleo diet which is a grain free diet. While doing some research about the paleo diet I came across the Paleo People web site. They have granola products that are not only gluten free but grain free as well. They are made from nuts and fruits and seeds. A little about the Paleo People:

Where on earth did The Paleo People idea come from? I am a previous CrossFit Affiliate, where many of us are advocates of making our food choices based on "The Paleo Diet" by Loren Cordain. Simply put, good clean foods with ingredients you would find in the cave dweller days. I began to see the need for some fun and, REALLY IMPORTANT, DELICIOUS, snacks made with these ingredients. Why not go back to the days of our ancestors and eat like they did. After all, these are the foods our bodies were genetically designed to eat for optimal health and performance. 

To accomplish this, I bring to you my expertise in cooking with my Professional Cooking Degree and my love for creativity. 

What Ingredients make it Paleo 

Our ancestors had the secret. They gathered nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, spices and natural sweeteners - these ingredients inspired my first line of Paleo diet snacks. 

There are 4 flavors available (and I got to try them all!); Apple Crisp, Banana Nut Crunch, Cacao Nut and Cappuccino Crunch. Do I have a favorite? No! I LOVED them all. The Apple Crisp and Banana Nut Crunch are mellow and slightly sweet. The Cacao Nut is chocolately and the Cappuccino Crunch is an explosion of coffee flavored goodness. I like them all so much that I am unable to pick a favorite!

Buy some Paleo People Snacks and use promo code kidsaregrown for 10% off of your purchase!

Win some! Enter below and good luck!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Excerpt: A Chance of Fate by Emleigh Walsh

“Can’t you feel the pull between us?” he asked; his voice had gone husky again as he stared into
her eyes. Steph was having difficulty breathing, and not from the walk back from the creek. It had
everything to do with the sexy as sin werewolf standing so close to her; his masculine musk making her
heady with desire again. She fought through the fog in her brain to focus on the issue at hand.

Stubbornly she lifted her chin. “I always have a choice. And this thing you feel between us is
just…sexual tension. You want me and I want you. It’s purely physical.” She didn’t know if she was
trying to convince him or herself as she said the words.

Chance leaned in further putting his other hand on the other side of her head backing her up against
the car, effectively trapping her in his arms. He put his cheek on her head and breathed deep. “Do you
really think that’s all it is, Steph?” His question was soft but his voice was deep, and she felt a small
shudder go down her spine as his breath tickled her ear. “Are you just sexually attracted to me? Or do
you feel more? Do you feel lost when we’re apart, like I do? When we’re together, do you feel like a
piece of the puzzle that is Stephanie has been found? Do you feel the electricity between us every time
we touch? Do you feel like you’ve come home after a long trip when we are in each other’s arms?”

Slowly she lifted her head and opened her eyes, the rise and fall of her chest increasing. As she stared at
his lips, he continued, “Yes, Angel, we have a lot of sexual promise between us. And believe me; we will
explore all those possibilities.” Her eyes darkened with her desire at his words. “But there is so much
more to the two of us. You ARE my true mate. I feel it. I know you do too.”

Puppy Chow

Here is a recipe for Puppy Chow from my friend Bobbie over at Blog With Mom. To make it gluten free substitute Rice Chex for Crispix.

  • 1 stick butter or margarine
  • Cup peanut butter
  • Bag of chocolate chips
  • Box of Crispix cereal
  • Large ziploc bag
  • Box of powdered sugar

Melt 1 stick of butter or margarine, 1 cup of peanut butter and 1 bag of chocolate chips.

Stir this mixture until smooth and turn off the burner, then mix in 1 box of Crispix cereal.

Place your chocolate covered cereal in a large ziploc bag and pour in powdered sugar and shake.  Keep putting in more powdered sugar until you've got enough powdered sugar to cover the chocolate mixture. 

Remove the covered cereal and it's ready to eat!  

Beware, Puppy Chow tastes great, but can be a little messy!

This recipe was sent in from Bobbie Anne over at  She is a stay at home mom from Texas who loves reviewing and giving away family friendly products.

Nutty Bean Co Chick Pz Review & Giveaway

If you have been following my blog for a while then you know I love my snacks! I love sweet snacks and I love savory snacks. Guess what I found? The best of both worlds! Nutty Bean Co. offers a snack called Chick Pz. What are Chick Pz you ask? They are the "Original All Natural Roasted Chickpea Snack". Now I love Chickpeas. I will eat them right out of the can. I love them in salads and stews and I LOVE hummus. So this was a no-brainer for me! A little about Nutty Bean Co.:
The inspiration for ChickPz TM came from a passion to find a healthy snack that was all natural and tasted really good. We discovered roasted chickpeas, and soon learned how  popular they are as a snack from the Mediterranean to the Middle East to India and Latin America.  However what we mostly found was heavily salted, plain, and highly sugared varieties.  None of which interested us.  We started developing our own healthier and flavorful versions of what we found. 

We learned how to roast the chickpeas to make them crispy, crunchy and delicious.  Our family and friends just loved them.   We perfected our unique recipes and was encouraged by everyone to share those recipes with the world.  So Nutty Bean Co. was launched early in 2010.  The inspiration for the name of the company Nutty Bean Co. came from the fact that roasted chickpeas, garbanzo beans, are just like nuts.  They are nutty in flavor and texture and may be enjoyed as a healthy alternative to traditional nuts.  

We use fresh all natural ingredients in all our recipes and every batch is hand made in small batches and prepared with love.  
Chick Pz come in 6 flavors,  Sesame Crunch, Sea Salt, Chai Vanilla, Hot & Spicy Chili, Pepper and Spice and Honey Roasted. Can you guess which ones were my favorites? Sesame Crunch and Chai Vanilla. Ryan liked the Sesame Crunch so much that she took them to work and finished them off!

Buy Chick Pz!

Win Chick Pz! Enter Below and Good Luck!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wacky Weekend Giveaway Linky

Link up your giveaways. Please have them in the following format:
Great Prize US 4/2 Leave me a comment after you link up!

Enter some giveaways!

Have fun!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Celebration Fan Appreciation Giveaway

Me and 5 other bloggers, along with designer Sharon Wei, Newman's Own Organics, and Namaste Foods are all celebrating for one reason or another so we decided to share the joy and offer you this giveaway. We will be giving away the following items... 1.) A pair of Summer Storm Earrings from Sharon Wei Designs valued at $75.
2.) A Prize Pack from Namaste Foods.
3.) A Prize Pack from Newman's Own Organics.
(Note: your prize pack may be different than the one pictured.) This giveaway is brought to you by Sharon Wei Designs, The Jolly Blogger, The Kids Are Grown, Now What?, Grandma Juice, June Bug Mom, Busy Brandi Design, Namaste Foods, Newman's Own Organics and Giveaways & Glitter. Enter to win via the easy Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end on 5/27 12:01AM EST. GOOD LUCK!!


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