The kids are grown, now what?: An Open Letter to Mike's Hard Lemonade

Friday, April 27, 2012

An Open Letter to Mike's Hard Lemonade

I recently received a perk from Klout. Klout is a site that measures your influence about certain topics. The people of Klout think I am influential in alcoholic beverages. This influence qualified me for a "perk" from Mike's Hard Lemonade in honor of the launch of their new product Mike's on the Rocks. Now I understand  that companies pick certain demographics to advertise their products to. I was a bit unhappy with the assumptions that Mike's made about me. Here is the letter that I sent them.

I recently received the Klout Perk for Mike's On The Rocks. I just need to clarify a few things. At the end of the letter you say, "Bravo, Sir" I am not a Sir. I know I have facial hair but I'm a middle aged Russian woman and that's to be expected. The t-shirt is a size medium. Even when I weighed 100 lbs I couldn't get into a size medium because my boobs are just too big. An XL or XXL would be perfect! The coupon is for $3 by mail when I buy Mike's AND a frozen pizza or frozen wings. I don't buy that stuff frozen, I make it myself. So much better than frozen, don't you agree. I like the cards! Thanks! I really do enjoy drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade and I am looking forward to giving Mike's On The Rocks a try. I also have a blog called The Kids Are Grown, Now What? Perhaps you would be interested in partnering with me for a review or giveaway? Thanks for reading this far. "Bravo, Sir"! ;-)


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