The kids are grown, now what?: Review: Hills Science Diet Grain Free Cat Food

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: Hills Science Diet Grain Free Cat Food

Interesting little fact, I have a daughter with a severe gluten allergy. For those of you not familiar with this it means she cannot eat anything containing wheat, barley or rye. Want to hear something really funny? Last year we adopted a cat with a wheat allergy! No kidding! Molly was a rescue and she was very sick when we brought her home. We started playing with her food and lo and behold, it was the wheat! So now I have two kids unable to consume wheat products! Fast forward, I was thrilled to find out that Hills Science Diet now carries a grain free cat food. Usually when I try her on a new food I have to mix it with the old and slowly reduce the amount of the old food until all she is getting is the new. I did not have to do that this time. Molly LOVED it! She devours it every time I put it in her bowl.

Disclosure: I received a free bag to review through bzzagent.


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