The kids are grown, now what?: Aromatic Yellow Rice from the Spicy Gourmet

Monday, April 30, 2012

Aromatic Yellow Rice from the Spicy Gourmet

A few weeks ago I stumbled across The Spicy Gourmet. Dinesh (the owner of The Spicy Gourmet) and I spoke on the phone and I am  so excited to be working with him! I received the Complete Spice Blending Collection in the mail and started cooking right away!

The Complete Spice Blending Collection is AMAZING! It contains 16 USDA Certified Organic & Fair Trade whole and milled PREMIUM spices, a spice grinder and a guide/recipe booklet to get your started. 

I started with the Aromatic Yellow Rice.  I assembled all of my ingredients and started opening the spice containers.Wow! These spices are so incredibly fragrant. The smell is wonderful! I placed the spices that need to be toasted into a pan.

You can not beat the aroma from these spices as they were toasting! Next everything went into my rice cooker (you can also use a sauce pan if you don't have a rice cooker).

20 minutes later the rice is ready! The flavors are so wonderful and it smells heavenly!

Delicious! You can watch the video and get the recipe by clicking here.

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