The kids are grown, now what?: Review: The Barefoot Executive

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: The Barefoot Executive

The Barefoot Executive, The ULTIMATE GUIDE for Being Your Own Boss & Achieving Financial Freedom by Carrie Wilkerson.

About the book:

Don’t Think You Have What It Takes to Run a Business?It’s Time to Reconsider.
For the person who longs to run their business from home, author and highly successful entrepreneur Carrie Wilkerson says it is possible (she doesn't just say it though, she shows you how). In her new book, The Barefoot Executive, Carrie helps readers of all types understand the necessary ingredients in starting and running a lucrative home-based business. You’ll learn how to reclaim your time, determine your income, and change your lifestyle-all while keeping personal priorities intact.
Successful at running her own seven-figure business from home and being an active speaker on the subject, Carrie demonstrates business models with tables and charts in an easy-to-understand format. Chapters within the book include such subjects as finding a target markets, developing marketing strategies, and brand development. Especially important are the common pitfalls listed to avoid in starting a business from home.
The Barefoot Executive offers the opportunity to live life on your terms with the financial freedom to do it. Want to start your workday with e-mail and coffee on the back patio? Want the flexibility of joining your fourth grader on an all-day field trip? Are you ready to take that vacation you’ve been planning for years? Then you have a choice to make, and The Barefoot Executivewill help jumpstart your transition.
You’ll learn:
  • Your “why.” The most important question. Why do you want to work for yourself?
  • What type of business best suits your experience and talents.
  • How to stay focused on your goal and avoid distractions.
  • Where to find the support that will accelerate your success.
  • How to link your business to the right market.
Whether it’s a service, a product, or your insight or expertise, you already have the raw materials necessary to transform your life. Carrie will walk you through the process of building the business you need to achieve the life you want. Her guidance is practical. No philosophical silliness, no theoretical abstractions—just concrete action steps alongside insights from fellow entrepreneurs, interactive exercises, and links to Carrie’s online video coaching segments. It’s the next best thing to working one-on-one with her. The Barefoot Executive will have you energized by the possibilities and embracing the extraordinary life that is well within your reach.
My Thoughts: I find the book to be hopeful. No that is not a typo! When I say HOPEFUL I mean helpful and full of hope! Unlike other financial success books that I have read, this one does not have a cut and dried formula that is guaranteed to make you rich in so many days. Carrie's book is more realistic. She helps you take a look at yourself and discover what your marketable skills are. She has a series of exercises, videos and action steps to help you become the best you that you can be.

Disclosure: I received the book from all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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