The kids are grown, now what?: Guest Post: Fluffy's Guardian Angel Blog Tour

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guest Post: Fluffy's Guardian Angel Blog Tour

I am so pleased to be a part of the Kids Are Grown, Now What Blog. My book, “Fluffy’s Guardian Angel” is about my favorite gal, Fluffy. The book means a lot to me and so I am pleased to share some personal stories about us. If any of your readers are interested in purchasing the book, they can find a direct link at the end of this post.

Getting lost in unfamiliar territory can lead to a lot of trouble, especially if you are all alone. Still some of us believe that survival is still possible as long as a guardian angel is watching. These are the themes that drive an unforgettable misadventure of a dog that gets lost in "Fluffys Guardian Angel". This tells a touching story about a wonderful, gentle dog who becomes lost in the bitter cold of winter for 28 days. It all begins one day when the dog, named Fluffy, goes out to play in a new fallen snow and gets lost. Over the next few days, Fluffy encounters many unfamiliar critters that she thought would probably like to do her harm. including bears and wolves. Soon she feels that someone is watching over her and somehow protecting her. As the journey goes on, will Fluffy be able to survive the bitter cold and get back home before time runs out? The answer is in the book.

Give-a-way question: Where did the Keeshond originate and what is her ancestry? Send your answers to

For those who are interested in reading the entire story of Fluffy’s Guardian Angel, click on the links below for a copy. The book is available in eBook and hard copy at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Please visit my website for more information please visit my website:

Look for more adventures of Fluffy. She is a very smart dog.
Don Bussel.


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