The kids are grown, now what?: Today's Great Post! 2-23-12

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today's Great Post! 2-23-12

Todays Great Post was written by Anu from Beauty Secrets Reviewed. This article is packed with great tips and information to help clear up what we never thought we'd have...acne as an adult.

SalicylixIn My Secret Acne Weapons Reviewed – Part 1 I realized, I mostly talked about the acne weapons that haven’t helped me in fighting the battle.

Now here are the two weapons that have worked wonderfully for me. Why theses things worked and why the others with the similar compositions and properties didn’t work, I have no clue. It might be the fact that ultimately acne is a medical condition rather than a cosmetic one, so the pharmaceutical grade products that treat the acne to its root make more sense over the cosmetically prepared products. Now don’t forget that there are other factors to consider when it comes to the root cause of acne, they are diet, age, hormones, hygiene, genetics etc. But it takes a long time to figure out what exactly might be causing your acne and meanwhile you DO need something that can treat the current break outs right then and there.

Read the full article HERE!


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