The kids are grown, now what?: Today's Great Post! 2-21-12

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today's Great Post! 2-21-12

Todays Great Post was written by Ashley at Maryland Momma's Rambles and Reviews. If you have trouble with the cookie/brownie decision, here is your answer!

cookie dough browniesI love cookie dough and I love brownies. So when my sister mentioned an easy way to combine the two for a delicious treat that even the culinary challenged could make, I was all ears! These Cookie Dough Brownies are one of absolute most easiest treats to make.

First just grab a few ingredients. We used pre-made brownie and cookie dough mix instead of making it from scratch. We just grabbed some Betty Crocker packages. See? I said this would be easy! Usually these packages just call for additional oil, eggs,milk, and butter. Double check the packages to see what they require.

Read the full recipe HERE! Stay Tuned for a Gluten Free Version!


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