The kids are grown, now what?: Today's Great Post! 2-14-12

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today's Great Post! 2-14-12

Todays Great Post was written by Sharon of Hobbies on a Budget. You will completely enjoy this project for the kids, and imagine even more things you could do! I’ve been fascinated with glow in the dark jars for several weeks. So I decided to try my own glow in the dark approach – painting flowers with glow in the dark paint. I contacted Holcraft: Painters Source, who were really excited about seeing how their glow in the dark paint could turn common items into something spectacular.

We decided to try the paint on artificial flowers. I purchased 3.00 of artificial roses and carnations and started experimenting.

glow-in-the-dark-flowerFind out how she made it HERE!


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