The kids are grown, now what?: Bullying and Hatespeak

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bullying and Hatespeak

I want you to read One Town's War on Gay Teens on the Rolling Stone web site. This article not only broke my heart, it sickened me. Regardless of your feelings on homosexuality, how can you let hatred rule your heart? These are kids. These kids are already scared, confused and feeling alone. Why would you want them to die? Why would you encourage your teacher's to turn their heads and walk away while these children suffer? How would you feel if this was your child?

A few years ago I facilitated a support group for LGBT youth. The kids in my group gave me great hope for the world. They were bright and funny and motivated. They were strong in the face of ostracism. Those kids were my kids and you know what else? Those kids are your kids too. Don't let children be the target of your hatred . Teach your children that it is OK to not agree or not like something or someone, but it is not OK to hate. Our children are our future and we have no future if they are so afraid and alone that they commit suicide.


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