The kids are grown, now what?: There is superstitious... #NaBloPoMo Day 3

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

There is superstitious... #NaBloPoMo Day 3

There are a ton of New Year traditions that are actually superstitions. Did you know that kissing a loved one at midnight ensures their love for the coming year? Eating black eye peas, rice and cabbage help to ensure prosperity. Making as much noise as possible at midnight on New Year's Eve scares away evil spirits.

I like the tradition of eating black eye peas and rice on New Year's day, but I don't believe that it will bring me a prosperous year.

I did not kiss anyone at midnight. I guess there will be no love for me in the coming year!

I did not make noise to chase away evil spirits but one of my neighbors emptied his gun. I guess he was really scared and tried to kill the evil spirits!

I don't have any superstitions surrounding the New Year. Do you?


Kristina Everhart said...

Funny post. I didn't know all the reason behind the New Year's activities. We didn't make any noise b/c the kids were asleep. I left a review for you, followed via facebook and gfc and love that you are a fellow Social Fabric gal!

mglawler said...

Thanks for stopping by and following fellow SF'er!

Anonymous said...

I have ZERO superstitions as an adult. As a child I had some and a teen but I quickly outgrew em. Anyhoo Its kevin at Linkies Contest Linkies. I posted your giveaway

Hope it brings you some traffic.
I am also now following you on networked blogs and I stumbled your post twice once from my blog and once from yours. And I am following on Pinterest.

Have a Great Day.
Kevin @ Linkies Contest Linkies.

Now hurry go out and kiss someone before its too late lmao

Anonymous said...

Normally I always make sure to kiss my husband at midnight on New Year's Eve but this year we were at another couple's house and they didn't move to kiss each other so it just felt awkward.

mglawler said...

Oh, I bet that was really awkward.


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