The kids are grown, now what?: Review: Gluten Free Cornbread

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review: Gluten Free Cornbread

Have you read my review for Whole Grain Bread? This week I have something just as good! Yesterday was a cold and snowy day. What goes better on a day with yucky weather than a hot bowl of chili and some fresh baked cornbread?

The cornbread was even easier to make than the Whole Grain Bread! It mixed up quickly and went into the oven. The directions say to bake for 25 minutes, but I live at a higher altitude and when my weather is wonky I often have to make adjustments to baking time. 30 minutes worked perfectly for me.

The bread came out of the oven golden brown and beautiful!

While it was baking I thought, "you know what goes great with fresh cornbread? Honey butter!". So I made some homemade honey butter! It's really easy to make. Just mix 1 stick of butter (softened) with a heaping tablespoon of your favorite honey. Roll the mixture up in some plastic wrap and refrigerate.

The cornbread exceeded my expectations. It was delicious and had a great consistency. It was better than some non-gluten free products that I have used in the past. I definitely recommend this mix.

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