The kids are grown, now what?: New Year Traditions? #NaBloPoMo

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Traditions? #NaBloPoMo

Do you have any traditions for the beginning of a new year? I don't. I don't make resolutions because I don't want to set myself up for failure. I don't clean my house, it's a pit, it will be a pit again in 5 minutes so why bother? I am not really worried about losing weight because the ulcerative colitis has been taking care of that for me.

I did decide to set up a few goals for myself. I want to move out of this teeny, tiny, ticky, tacky trailer and into someplace where the roof doesn't leak and the stairs are not threatening to collapse under me. Somewhere the dryers work and the place doesn't smell like sewage.

I want to make enough money using my blog to cover my car insurance, medications and food.

I want to write a cookbook.

I want to get off my ass and wax my eyebrows and upper lip.

I want to clean out my car and wash the inside windshield so I can see out of it!

I'd really like to buy a new pair of jeans.

What about you? Do you have traditions, goals, or resolutions that you do at the beginning of the year?


Anonymous said...

Just want you to know your sponsor section isnt loading.. says 502 Bad Gateway.. just thought I would let you know.. i reloaded twice same issue.. Have a great day!

mglawler said...

Thanks, I just checked it in three different browsers and it appears to be working.

A Goddess of Frugality said...

Thanks for stopping by the hop:)

Dina Demarest said...

I started NaNoWriMo this year. I wrote about 5000 words. Then stopped. Need to try again!

Hopping to say Hi.

Running After Raina said...

I don't like resolutions either - the only resolution I make is "make this year better than the last" :) seems to be my way of keeping optimism :)

Anonymous said...

My family does have a New Year's tradition that I wrote about on my blog


My Goal is to make enough money from my blog that I can afford to do all the birthday, anniversary and Christmas shopping from it.

I also have a goal to lose 30-40 lbs before my birthday in sept so the husband can get me a sweet new wardrobe.

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mglawler said...

Those are awesome goals, Amber!


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