The kids are grown, now what?: What are you passionate about?

Monday, December 12, 2011

What are you passionate about?

Recently, someone asked me, 'what are you passionate about?'. I didn't have to think for very long to come up with an answer.

I am passionate about kids. I don't want to see kids hurt, sick, hungry or unhappy in any way. Childhood should be a magical time of learning and exploring and making good memories.

I am passionate about women. Women's issues drive me. Women have less access to health care. Women struggle as single parents. Women are targets for violence.

I am passionate about health care. I believe that health care is a right, not a luxury. Everyone should have access to quality health care whether they have insurance or not.

I am passionate about music and the arts. What would the world be like without them? Music and art have the ability to make me forget or bring back a memory so vivid that I feel as if I am reliving a moment.

I am passionate about food. I am a mother of children who have/had food allergies. I have watched availability of products grow over the past couple of decades. I want to see quality, good tasting, healthy food available for everyone.

I am passionate about books. Real books. The kind that you can hold in your hand and smell the ink on the pages. I have been a bookworm since the age of 2! I can't imagine not reading. I want to pass my love for reading on to my children and grandchildren.

I am passionate about learning. Learning something new makes me high! You never stop learning if you are open to it. 

I am passionate about my family. I love my children. I worship my grandson. I would kill to protect them all.

What are you passionate about?


Cindy said...

I think you've covered my passions too! Hoping that my children grow up with good memories :)

LisaWeidknecht said...

I am passionate about children, quality daycare, self-discipline, being debt-free, blogging, my family, Texas, Jesus, and losing weight. Not in that order LOL.

Grace said...

I am passionate about Grandparents stepping up to the plate and being very active in their grand children's lives. Grand parent's are so important and can really enrich the lives of those grand kids.

Elle said...

Ok could we have a definition of passionate?

Not sure I have anything that qualifies as "passionate".

My mom always said I wouldn't get excited if the house fell down on top of me. I have things I care about but is that "passionate"?

I care about animals, the environment, books, computers, family...

But "passionate"...dunno.

mglawler said...

This is the definition.

having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling; fervid:

Donna Yates said...

Seems like you hit all of mine, but I am also passionate about anyone who is unable to fight back, whether it is a senior citizen, a child, a terrified spouse, a disabled person, or even innocent animals.


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