The kids are grown, now what?: Thank You, Hardees! #Gluten Free

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thank You, Hardees! #Gluten Free

Ryan and I left the house very early Thursday morning to do some shopping at Walmart. Since out Walmart serves a 5 state area it can get pretty crowded and I wanted to beat the crowds. By the time we were done shopping we were tired and very hungry. We decided to go to Hardee's because we had heard wonderful things about it from the Rapid City gluten free community. We were not disappointed.

We went inside to place our order. We were very lucky that the general manager (whose name I can't remember) was working the counter that morning. She was extremely well informed about gluten sensitivity and she was able to help find something that Ryan would be able to eat. This is customer service at its best. Thank you, Hardee's! We love you!


QueensNYCMom said...

hi thank you for linking up to our friday blog hop i am following u back. I keep clicking on G+ but nothing is happening. can u send me the link so i can follow u. my email is

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

I am so excited for gluten free eaters that more and more places are offering items to accomodate! Glad you were able to find something.


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