The kids are grown, now what?: Thanksgiving Disasters!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Disasters!

The first year that I cooked Thanksgiving dinner was a disaster! I had just moved into a new apartment and had not used the oven. I put the turkey into the oven very early in the morning and it would not cook! I ended up cooking that turkey for 12 hours and it was still raw in the middle but I made everyone eat the cooked parts anyway. Thank God that no one got sick. Turns out my oven was broken and could not come up to temperature.

A few years later, I had just purchased a house and I had a slew of friends coming over to celebrate Thanksgiving in our new home. My friends were accustomed to cornbread dressing, which I had never made before. I wasn't sure how much cornbread to make, so I made a lot! I made 6 pans of cornbread! Turns out I didn't need that much! To make matters worse, while I was making the cornbread dressing the top fell off of the pepper container and an entire bottle of pepper fell into the bowl. I removed as much as I could but it was still very peppery!

What Thanksgiving disasters have you experienced?


Malia said...

the only thing i can think of was when i was in college. My friends and I were making our own Thanksgiving Dinner. We sent one of our friends to the store for canned cranberry sauce and he came back with BEETS! lol

Thanks for stopping by my blog...i appreciate the follow and have followed you back! :-)

Sissy said...

Once I dropped the jello. On the floor. All over our kitchen! Yuck! Why don't dogs eat jello??
your newest follower, I'd be glad to have you follow me back?!

DM said...

I think my biggest problem was getting the turkey to cook near time, or even getting it thawed on time.


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