The kids are grown, now what?: Thank you Swag Bucks!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thank you Swag Bucks!

While I was washing dishes my frying pan flew across the kitchen because the handle had come off. Yes, my cookware is old and falling apart! I have been using Swag Bucks every day since April and I had $185.00 in Amazon gift cards saved up. It was time for new cookware! It came today and I am a happy camper!

I picked out a brand new set of Calphalon Anodized cookware! I can't wait to start using it!

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7 comments: said...

Awesome! Nice cookware set :)

I'm a new follower from, thanks for stopping by and following me!

Jan said...

I've been using Swagbucks for a while, those Amazon cards. They'll be financing Christmas this year.

About JollyJilly said...

Very nice cookware gentleman holding them lots very happy as well.
Nice to meet you returning follow from jollyjills

mglawler said...

Thanks, but I am not a man, I just play one on tv! ;-)

Jamie said...

Wow that's amazing! I've earned about $80 at Amazon using it everyday since... June? I actually don't remember when I started but holy cow $185 since April - that is amazing! I <3 swagbucks!

Feel free to stop by my blog!

For Love of Cupcakes

Jamie said...

P.S. I'm a new follower from the I <3 Blogging hop!

For Love of Cupcakes

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Wowsa that is pretty dern awesome. I bet you were one happy Momma!


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