The kids are grown, now what?: #Gluten Free Turkey?


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#Gluten Free Turkey?

Who knew that they pumped turkey full of crap? I certainly didn't. We had to go to two stores to locate a gluten free turkey. This makes me very angry. It's turkey! Turkey is a naturally gluten free food. Why on earth would you pump gluten into it? Since this is out first gluten free Thanksgiving I didn't give it a second thought. I am happy to say that Ryan did. She started reading the labels as soon as we got to the meat section of the store. At the second store we went to this morning we found out that Honeysuckle White has a gluten free turkey. Thank you Honeysuckle White. You saved our Thanksgiving! Yum


MikiHope said...

Yikes--I don't have to worry about being Gluten Free but I really dislike the idea of stuff being pumped into anything I eat!! I am a new GFC follower. And Thank you so much for joining in the Christmas for Kids hop hosted by Sheri Carpenter (OneBusyMoma) and co-hosted by me!

Michele aka MikiHope

mglawler said...

Thanks for following! I am excited about the upcoming giveaway.

DM said...

We looked for a gluten free, msg free turkey too. The brand we got ended up being filled with flavored liquids. When we were growing up, our turkeys didn't have all this crap in them, so why do they have to now? I say, it adds to the poundage.

mglawler said...

You are right, it does add to the weight. I priced organic turkeys and Safeway wanted $70.00 for one. I don't like turkey enough to pay that much. I am just glad that Honeysuckle has gluten free birds!

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