The kids are grown, now what?: Stop Bullying: Speak Up

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stop Bullying: Speak Up

When I was in Junior High I got beat up every day by a boy who was a year older than I. I was called a slut every day by the kids in my class. Why? Because I developed breasts before everyone else did. Both of these are examples of bullying. Bullying hurts, it even kills. It destroys the self esteem of the person being bullied. The pain that those who have been bullied experience is indescribable. Often those who have been bullied can see no other way out than suicide. It's time to speak out. Too many kids are dying.

Facebook and Time Warner have launched the Stop Bullying: Speak up Pledge. Take the pledge. Join a parent's group. Volunteer to speak at a school. Get involved! You can save a life.


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